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Trained Pomsky Puppies

Private Dog Training Lessons

Self-Paced Dog Training Programs

Trained Pomsky Puppies


Part of the reason our breeding program began was to be able to serve our families in a greater capacity by beginning the pups we certified's training at Day 1 of life. While we offer programs to serve families who don't purchase a pomsky, we would love to chat and see if our babies would be a good match for your needs. 


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Visit our website at: www.bbpomskies.com

Self-Paced Online Programs

We are excited to announce our online platform to extend and even greater access to dog training in the comfort of your own home! We do offer some board and train for service work on a case-by-case basis for those who live in the Austin Metropolitan Area. Please schedule a free consultation HERE to get that process started!

Classes For Dog Training:
Foundations: All Your Bases Covered Dog Obedience

Bringing Home Your New Puppy, A Guide To Successfully Keeping Your Sanity During The Transition Process
Intermediate Obedience: With Clicker and Tricks
Service Dog: Mental Health For An Individual
Therapy Dog: Mental Health For An Individual
Facility Dog: Mental Health, Physical Therapy & Nursing Home Dogs


Private Lessons Online Or On-Site


Private lessons are an amazing way to break through tough problems or wanting deeper training. What you can expect to find in our private lessons:

Customized Training Plan For Problems or Foundations Program or Service Dog Training Help

Detailed Homework For Each Lesson

Hands-On Guidance For In The Moment 

If you are a veteran, first responder, LEO, or active duty, we have special discounts for all of our programs just for you! Please reach out to hersoranch@gmail.com before making a purchase!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us with your questions to herosranch@gmail.com