Awakening With Alex Podcast

In this podcast, we dive deep into a variety of topics like creating a generational wealth consciousness, energy healing, raising conscious kids, and how to fully step into your purpose because the awakening process doesn't just happen in one area of life. It happens in ALL facets of life and through our own experience of the awakening process thus far, we have hacked so many things in life. Alex has healed herself at the soul level from things like 2 near-death experiences, abuse, abandonment wounds, self-hatred, her negative relationship with food, having no clue what she was meant to do here, and healing her two children who were also subjected to abuse all while raising three children as a solo parent who are healing their souls and finding their purpose in life BEFORE they are age 18. In this podcast, Alex shares life stories from herself, her kids, and her clients to help listeners connect with the topic of the episode in a deeper way.
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