Are you a parent looking for a Christ-centered soul-based community that meets live every week?


Do you want to have the opportunity to learn the skills and lean into a community that is fully committed to raising children who become emotionally whole adults and free from generational traumas?


Are you going through a spiritual awakening, discovering God in depths you never before imagined witnessing?


 Do you want to create a life that is in direct alignment with abundance, wealth and

prosperity goals being easily mastered? 


Together, We Will Make Your Dreams Come. True.

Meet Alex

Alex is a Spiritual Psychology Practioner, Trauma Coach, and currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Metaphysical Counseling with a lifelong passion for helping families clear their soul wounds, reconcile their internal suffering, and heal generational traumas.


Through her experiences, she developed a private community for like-minded parents who are looking to connect weekly and learn with each other on this journey of life. We have the opportunity to create the next wave of enlightened beings through our choices of how we raise our children.


Come, Connect, Grow

Are You Ready To Make Radical Transformations In Your Life? 

The past has a unique ability to pull us back, hold us down, and influence how we show up in the present. Unprocessed trauma and complicated emotional patterns can have a variety of adverse effects on our quality of life, and there's no shame in admitting that. It's part of the human experience for this type of fallout and something anyone can fall victim to through no fault of their own.


This is why having access to and connection with a private community where coaching, healing, transformation, and conscious awakening happen is so important as the collective consciousness awakens and ascends together.



Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

We offer a range of flexible, customizable services to
meet the specific needs of you and your loved ones.
Here Are Some Highlights Of Services Offered:
-Private Community Who Studies Family Healing, Building A Generational Wealth Consciousness & Soul Healing Membership
-Weekly Universal Law, Meditation & Mindset Calls
-Custom Meditation & Workbooks
-Intensive Christ-Centered Spiritual Psychology & Trauma Coaching Programs
-Learn At Your Own Pace Online Courses
-Weekly Private Community Coaching Calls


Modalities Used In Courses & Programs:

-E4 Trauma Process (Soul Healing & Energy Releasing Work) 
-6 Human Needs Intervention
-Family Therapy
-Human Design
-Brief Intervention Therapy
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
-Body & Energy Work
-Relational Therapy
- Western Astrology
-Crystal Healing 


But rather than dwell on that, I want you to take a breath, close your eyes and imagine what life can actually become if you had someone who has been where you are to guide you into stepping into your soul's purpose. Imagine your life as...


 💫 An exciting, engaging, and entertaining journey through the world 💫
 💫 A chance to make memories with the people you love more than anything 💫
 💫 An opportunity to set higher and higher goals as you go from one win to the next 💫



The First Step Is To Say Yes To Yourself.

You Deserve This Healing.

Your Family Deserves This Healing. 

The World Needs Your Gifts. 



Hear From Some Of Our Previous Clients


Alex was the only one who could help my almost adult but still teen daughter heal through some big traumas she had in her life. Alex was able to connect with my daughter and make breakthroughs that years of therapy we did before finding Alex never really seemed to help all the way. My daughter struggled with a variety of different mental health issues, and saw a psych while seeing Alex, but I finally got my daughter back. Thanks so much Alex!!!


I was a bit skeptical to work with Alex because I don't connect with or even like most people. I've done some therapy over the years, made lots of improvement, and didn't really think I had much of an issue with my 'stuff.' During my breakthrough call with Alex, she just zoomed into my stuff and started pulling everything out that I didn't even know I was saying. I'm so glad I got to work with her.


I was amazed at how quickly Alex was able to spot some of my money beliefs. I had no idea I was even having these belief systems but my money was clearly being blocked. It started as a money issue and Alex pulled back so many incidents I had forgotten about that were directly tied to my lack of money and just happiness overall. I was able to get the raise I wanted and felt so good requesting it!