All About Your New Favorite Faith-Based Generational Trauma Coach

Hi y'all! My name is Alex and I'm the founder and director of programs at Hero's Ranch Holistic Healing. I'm a spiritual practitioner, an E4 Trauma coach through New Thought Global, and currently a Ph.D. candidate in Metaphysical Counseling. I am a trained life coach through the Tony Robbins Institute and currently working on receiving my Board Certified Coach (BCC) licensure here in the US. I am a certified dog trainer and K9 behaviorist with a diploma in K9 Psychology. I did finish most of my graduate program in clinical mental health counseling specializing in equine psychotherapy and trauma with Texas A&M. However, family needs arose and impacted my studies for a few years and being divinely guided to complete another path. We do use our trained horses, dogs, and chickens in sessions onsite to aid in the healing process. We also serve a beautiful community online as well.


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Upon receiving a medical retirement from the US Navy in 2014, my family moved from my San Diego duty station to Georgetown, Texas. 
I received hands-on training to train service dogs and an internship with the San Diego US Marshal K9 before leaving the area to begin a 501(C)(3) Hero's Paws training service and therapy dogs for disabled veterans. I earned my diploma in CBST (Canine Behavior Science and Technology) from Companion Animal Science Institute, I completed the 12-week Starmark Canine Training and Behaviorist program, along with over 700 supervised hours in dog training with various problems presented by clients and over 1,000 education hours. 
In 2016 we began our breeding program and the beginning stages of the Consciousness Theory began.  A mixture of Eastern psychology work combined with the understanding of how a dog mentally develops, and how to stimulate the creation of neuro-connections in the brain during peak developmental periods, it just made sense how to piece this together. From 2016-2020 we've been playing trial and error with the program to where we are now seeing optimal results as determined from the feedback of families. In Jan 2019, my youngest child was born. I began implementing the same techniques I had been using on my puppies with my son. The results have been promising and we are taking the research further as we enter into 2024!!!

But rather than dwell on that, I want you to take a breath, close your eyes and imagine what life can actually become if you had someone who has been where you are to guide you into stepping into your soul's purpose. Imagine your life as...


 💫 An exciting, engaging, and entertaining journey through the world 💫
 💫 A chance to make memories with the people you love more than anything 💫
 💫 An opportunity to set higher and higher goals as you go from one win to the next 💫



The First Step Is To Say Yes To Yourself.

You Deserve This Healing.

Your Family Deserves This Healing. 

The World Needs Your Gifts. 



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